Handy Tweakers 1.0

Rated /5

Handy Tweakers includes many useful tools that you can use to tweak Windows.
Turn off tool: To schedule your system turnoff including shut down, Log Off, Reboot and Hibernate at any specified time you desire. Now you do not have to wait for your computer to finish a long download, defrag a big hard desk, etc.
Start Menu tab: Enable or disable Recent Document tracking, show or hide many windows start menu items like Recent Documents, Shut Down, Log Off, Run and Favorites.
Misc. tab: You can add Open with Notepad to the windows right click menu so you can easily take a quick look at any file that contain text. Add – Add Command prompt here – to the windows right click menu of any folder also a quick way to turnoff your monitor and lock your computer.
History tab: Clear Recent Documents, Find Files (search) history, IE URL history and Map Network Drive history.
Free for Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

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