SmarterTrack Free Edition 3.5.3159

Rated /5

The One-Stop Customer Service Solution
SmarterTrack brings all the functionality of a Help Desk, Ticket System, Live Chat, WhosOn, Cost Analysis, Data Mining, Reporting, and Knowledge Base in one software application—delivered through one elegant Web interface.
The Event-driven architecture in SmarterTrack empowers organizations to develop and automate SLA policies to optimize customer service efforts into a powerful multi-channel communication portal that delivers value, efficiency, and increased satisfaction.
Advanced features such as WhosOn, detailed Data Mining, and a Live Chat invite system enhance marketing performance and dramatically increase conversion rates.
Free edition for Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista.
SmarterTrack Free Edition is limited to a single support agent, and includes all the interface functionality of SmarterTrack Enterprise Edition.

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