Brightfilter Parental Control 2008 2.0.5

Rated /5

Brightfilter Parental Control 2008 – The very best protection for you and your family. Protect your children, your PCs and yourself from online threats.
Brightfilter gives adults the control they need to safely permit access to the Internet – Which reduces the risk posed to children and adults alike when surfing the web.

  • Blocks Illegal Sites, Spam Sites, Malicious and Spyware Sites by default.
  • Multi-PC protection starting at 3 PCs per household.
  • Low annual fee
  • Quick and easy filtering levels according to age
  • Customise – You have full control
  • Free updates – The most up-to-date service is ALWAYS running 24×7
  • Account based control – Same settings across all your PCs
  • Remote control – Update settings for your family while out of the house
  • Child friendly – Provide a child-safe profile without the need for a password

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