SyncCell 2.3.9

Rated /5

14 day fully functional trial of SyncCell the easiest way to Sync your contacts and calendar appointments with your mobile phone on the market today!
Using the patented OneSync it is just one easy click from your Microsoft Outlook Toolbar, and your Outlook Calendar and Contacts are synchronized to your RAZR or other Motorola Mobile Phone.

  • Never Creates Duplicates
  • Never Corrupts Outlook
  • Handles All Outlook Recurring Appointments
  • Designed for every day use with one-click simplicity
  • Works with Windows Operating Systems, including Vista
  • Works with Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, Google Calendar, Vista Calendar
  • Sync without incurring expensive Over-the-Air costs
  • SyncCell is an Official Motorola Solution
  • Translated into 22 languages

See publishers website for a full list of Supported Phones:
RAZR, KRZR, SLVR, PEBL, AT&T RAZR2 V9, Verizon RAZR2 V9m*, TMobile RAZR2 V8, Z9, K1, K1v,Verizon K1m*, Sprint K1m*,V3xx, V3, V3a*, V3c, V3m*, V3i, V3x, V3t, Verizon Maxx Ve*, V6, W385*, W755*, W490, W510, L9, L2, L6, L6i, L7, L71, Verizon L7c*, U6, E815, W315, V180, V220, V325i, V300, V330, V360, V365, V400, V550, V551, V555, V557, V710m, V120e, V190, V265, V265m, Z6tv*, Z6c*, RIZR Z3, ROKR E2 and most other Motorola models.
SGH-A707 SYNC, SGH-A717, SGH-A727, SGH-A737, SCH-A630, SCH-A660
Sony Ericsson

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