Trailfire 1.1

Rated /5

Trailfire Plugin version 1.1 for Firefox 1.5 and up.
Trailfire is a hosted service that enables anyone to comment on any web page, share your web knowledge and find the paths already tread.
Trailfire rewires the web to your interests. It guides you as you browse, suggesting where you can find information related to any page you are on at anytime. It also lets you make your web connections – to link pages that relate to a topic that you have found on your travels.
The basic concepts are simple
» Marks with the authors comments are placed on web pages.
» Trails are created when multiple marks are given the same name.
» This links the pages together, creating a sequential path for navigating the trail
For example there are trails covering subjects such as Internet Wiki Resources, Online flash Games or Nifty Web Design tools.
For Firefox 1.5 or higher.

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