DayMate 6.25

Rated /5

30 day fre trial of DayMate – a versatile intuitive day planner.
This professionally developed and well designed application allows to create and schedule reminders than can pop up messages with optional sound effects, start applications or open documents, and shut down, reboot, or power down your system. DayMate can also check for new e-mail, dial phone numbers, synchronize system time via the Internet, send messages, and open a specified Web sites.
Main features of DayMate are:
• Easy-to-use
• Timed, all-day, and multi-day appointments
• Recurring appointments
• Configurable clock
• Current time announced by real human voice
• Checking the time in different time zones all over the world
• Powerful alarms with custom messages and sounds
• Customizable calendar
• Backup and restore
30 day free trial for Windows 95 to Vista.

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