Auslogics Emergency Recovery

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Emergency Recovery – a simple to use and effective program that will recover accidentally deleted files or those files deleted by virus attacks and software faults. Use this program to quickly restore a file back into the same directory it was deleted from or onto any accessible disk on your computer.
Recover any file types With Emergency Recovery you can recover documents, music, photos, software and any other files.
Recover data even from deleted partitions and formatted disks Even if you have deleted a partition or formatted a disk, Emergency Recovery will be able to find and recover lost files.
Preview files before recovering You can preview documents, music, pictures or video while browsing through the list of lost files found. This option will help you to recover exactly what you need.
Securely and permanently erase confidential files Wipe deleted files to totally erase a confidential picture or document or any other data, so that no one else can recover it.
Create a copy of important data Emergency Recovery allows you to make an image file, containing the exact copy of all the information on your disk to prevent data loss in the future.
Support for any types of drives and devicesWith this program, you can recover lost data files from all types of hard drives, floppy disks, digital camera memory sticks, flash memory cards and other USB devices.
Emergency Recovery comes to rescue
Often we delete a file, then clear the Recycle Bin and the file is lost. Viruses may delete some files on your disk. Software programs sometimes crash during a transaction with a file and this can accidentally delete your files. This is where Emergency Recovery comes to rescue. With this program you can recover documents, music, digital photos, applications and any other files on your hard drive or any flash memory USB device.
Erase confidential files securely
Use the “Securely Delete Files” wizard to permanently erase a confidential picture or a movie or any other specific file, so that no one else can recover it. You can also use the “Wipe Deleted Files” feature to totally wipe free space on an entire drive, making sure that all files you have deleted previously will be permanently erased. Once you have wiped the file, neither you, nor anyone else, nor any other software program will be able to recover it.
Create an image of your drive
Take advantage of the program’s useful feature of creating and using a complete disk image. The disk image file will have the exact image of the logical drive along with all the information contained on the disk, including the deleted files. This option allows you to recover files from the disk image later on, while continuing working with the logical drive. Having an image of your drive also assures that your data won’t be lost in the future.
Flexible search system
You can take advantage of the flexible search options to shorten files recovery time. Select the drives you want to scan for deleted files and specify the types of files you are searching for. You will then be able to sort all found files by name, type, size and last modification date to find exactly what you need. You can also integrate the program into Windows Explorer and scan specific folders using the context menu instead of scanning an entire drive.
Recover files from repartitioned and formatted drives
Emergency Recovery can locate information about deleted portions of the disk, so that you will be able to recover files from a lost partition. This even applies to deleted portions of the disk that you might have reallocated for other partitions. Emergency Recovery also shows files that were on the disk before formatting. The program will be able to recover these files, especially if it was just a quick formatting of a partition.
Easy and Advanced modes
Users who are new to the program or using computers in general are advised to select the Easy Mode. It is very simple to use and understand, so novice users won’t have any difficulties while navigating through the program. Advanced Mode is recommended for experienced users and provides additional program settings. The IT savvies could prefer this mode to get more options for customizing file search and the recovery process.

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