HTMLZip 1.5a2

Rated /5

HTMLZip is a compression utility for web pages.
Unlike most other compression tools, it does not just remove certain characters and empty spaces, but actually compresses the file, using Java technology.
The page is self extracting and automatically decompressed by any web browser. Compression results can reduce the file size by up to 70%.
The program will also make the source code of the page completely unreadable.
While the file size reduction results are excellent, unfortunately there is no way of decompressing the file for later editing, once compressed, you cannot edit the source anymore.
It works in the Internet Explorer 4-6 (7), IE4 for Mac, Safari 1.x and above, Opera 5-9, Netscape Navigator 4,6,7, Mozilla 1.7.x, FireFox 1.0-1.5, Konqurier browser.
30 day free trial for Windows.

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