StyleBuilder 2.0 Beta

Rated /5

StyleBuilder allows users to create their own additional high-quality styles. StyleBuilder comes with many useful time-saving features.

  • Import and modify existing styles.
  • Automatically converts 32 bitmap BMPs to PNGs.
  • Configure multiple bitmap editors of choice.
  • Advanced colorization can change the colors of any part, group, or the entire style.
  • Adjust buttons, check boxes, radio buttons and other parts.
  • Left thumbnail Outlook bar provides for easy navigation.
  • All the fonts can be viewed and edited.
  • Automatically builds all three fonts sizes Normal, Large, and Extra Large.
  • Zoom tab makes it easy to spot pixel errors.
  • Zip feature makes it easy to transport visual styles.
  • Link feature allows users to hand edit the INI files for advanced adjustments.

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