Turbo Backup 7.1

Rated /5

TurboBackup all your valuable data, critical system files and configuration settings. You can create backup on demand or scheduled backup of your selected data and systems easily and quickly. Built-in compression options save you storage space. Free trial for Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Key Features Features Hard drive, USB, removable drive backup and restore Features CD/DVD Mastered and Vista Live File System backup Features FileStream Online Backup or to your own FTP server Features Compress backup formats or copy files and folders Features My System State backup and locked files backup Features Schedule backup and unattended silent backup Features Full, partial, and previous version restore Features Prepare Backup wizard for sizing space requirement Features Customizable templates for quick and easy backup Features Create and repair backups and backup catalogs Features Detailed logs and E-mail backup notification Features For Windows 2000/XP/Vista with Vista style interface This new release 7.1 comes with many easy-to-use backup templates: Registry, Photos, Videos, Documents, iPhone, iTunes, Music, Palm, E-mails, Google, Mozilla, Skype, and more. With one click you can back up your critical data quick and easy.

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