Yahoo! Music Jukebox

Rated /5

Yahoo! Music Jukebox is a free desktop application that brings you a new and powerful way to enjoy and explore music on your PC.
With the Yahoo! Music Jukebox, you can mix and burn CDs, import and manage music, share music with friends, transfer music to portable music players, and access to the Yahoo! Music Unlimited music subscription service.
The latest release of the Yahoo! Music Jukebox offers enhanced features, including:

  • Plus: an option that speeds CD burn and import, gives you label printing and enhanced audio for your CD imported music.
  • Shared Playlists: publish your playlists for the entire Yahoo! Music community to enjoy, and search through thousands of other members’ playlists
  • Network Music: share with other computers on a local area network
  • Easier-to-use burn to CD and transfer music to portable devices tools
  • Enhanced CD burning and importing options
  • Graphic equalizer controls

Microsoft Windows XP or Vista.

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