System Medic 4.0

Rated /5

Keep your system running at peak performance!
Computers, like cars, need continual maintenance to run at peak performance. Just as a car needs regular oil changes and tune ups your computer needs regular maintenance to keep things running smoothly.
Computers are made to be fast and efficient. Help your system run more smoothly by using System Medic to maintain your computer running at peak performance. When you use System Medic, you are unleashing the power within your system to run more efficiently.
System Medic will analyze your system and point out any troublesome areas that could be affecting system performance. With System Medic you can also pre-schedule maintenance to take place automatically. Automatically run system defrag, and the cleaning and optimizing of your memory. No need for you to worry about it, System Medic will continually help your system run at its top performance level.
Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, System Medic has the tools that will meet your needs. The easy to use interface allows you to choose which functions you will perform and walks you through the process. With the click of your mouse you can remove unused shortcuts, find duplicate files, and restore your system to previous settings to undo harmful functions.

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