Xara Xtreme

Rated /5

Design vector and bitmap images.
Xara Xtreme is a general purpose graphics application for all your drawing and day-to-day photo needs, ideal for both print and web images.
If you’re a designer and you’re seeking drawing software then you might find that Xara Xtreme is an excellent solution for your designs, whether they are simple logos or astonishingly detailed illustrations.
If you have a huge digital photo collection and find that you’re often working with photos then Xtreme will match your ambitions from simple one click auto-enhance of your photo through to photo compositions.
Web designers will also find Xara Xtreme of use, as it can help you produce all the graphics you’ll need for your site, from smart and sharp navigation buttons to eye-catching animated GIFs.
Whatever graphics you need and whatever your skill level, the famously friendly user interface and fast processing of Xara Xtreme will make it an absolute pleasure to be creative.
15 day trial version.

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