Version 5.16.6 Beta 1.96MB

Sandboxie 5.16.6 Beta

Rated 5/5

Sandboxie is a small tool that runs between applications and the operating system of the computer. It stops cookies, spyware and similar unwanted guests from landing on the hard disk.

The software works even on a small operating system and allows you to test software or the Internet to surf without fear of tampering with the registry or virus attacks.

More features

* Supports the new bookmark system for Firefox
* Internet access for more than one Sandboxie program
* Can be used in a domain network without a license key

Although Sandboxie is not a real virtual machine it has many features. It allows the user to safely surf and email. In addition, programs can be tried out without having to worry about the registry and other important system settings thanks to Sandboxie.

Version 5.16.6 Beta 1.96MB

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