1 Click UnZIP! 2.0

Rated /5

Easily unZip .ZIP files!
1 Click Unzip! is the easier way to un-zip .ZIP files. .ZIP files are the standard for which software authors distribute their programs over the internet. This saves you valuable download time because the files are compressed! 1 Click Unzip! allows 1 step operation of installing applications distributed in .ZIP format. (Runs SETUP.EXE automatically!) You’ll find yourself using 1 Click Unzip! over and over because there are literally 1000’s of .ZIP files available for downloading over the internet. Novice to advanced users will enjoy the speed and ease of use 1 Click Unzip! offers. (1 Click Unzip! is distributed via a SELF EXTRACTING .EXE file. No other files needed to install this program!)
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP

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