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Easily Make Your Bootable CDs and DVDs, download the latest version of EasyBoot from Downsoft.com.
EasyBoot is an integrated tool to create MultiBoot, Menu driven CDs & DVDs with native language. It has the ability to automatically produce boot image files, and generate the ISO file as well. Using your CD/DVD Recording software such as Nero or Roxio to Record the ISO, you get a bootable CD/DVD that completely belongs to you. You can customize it with your company’s name or slogan or even use it for your clients.
*Full Graphical User Interface, it is easy to learn for everyone.
* No additional file will be added to the root directory of your CD/DVD, keeps the original native style.
* Supports up to 36 menu items.
* Supports <Up>, <Down>, <Left>, <Right> and <Tab> keys to select menus, <Enter> and <Spacebar> keys to boot.
* Supports User-Defined accelerated keys (such as 0-9, a-z) to directly select menu item.
* Supports User-Defined function keys (such as Esc, F1-F12) to directly boot selected option.
*You can choose “Run Directly” or “Select” for the execution mode of the accelerated keys.
*You can choose translate all input key to small letter or capital letter.
* Supports User-Defined cursor key movement, so you can freely layout the screen menu.
*Supports Sub-menus to create extremely complex boot CDs & DVDs.
*Supports startup logo
* Supports background image
* Supports time counter
* Supports password protection to bootable CDs & DVDs
* Convenience but powerful edit functions
* Freely defined screen layout, text, menus and function keys.
* Supports boot screen preview, directly see the actual effect.
* Supports select/edit object in preview window, to create/move/modify objects coordinates with mouse and keyboard.
* Supports Undo function, easily restore to previous condition.
* Built in ISO image generation feature, with advanced feature such as “Optimize” and “Set Date/Time”.

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