Image Viewer 7.0

Rated /5

A small, easy way for you to view your images.
Image Viewer also incorporates a screen capture feature that will capture the entire screen or just the active window on your desktop. With a click of the mouse button you can view your images in full screen!
Image Viewer allows you to make individual modifications to each image like brightness, shadow and other effects and filters. You can add borders; flip, rotate, resize images etc. Also features various printing possibilities etc.
Image Viewer supports the following image formats:
bmp, jpg, jpeg, gif, tiff, tif, png, pcx, ico, tga, pdf, psd, ps, eps, wbmp, wmf, emf, pic, jp2, jls, fpx, raw, dcm, cut, iff, dds, pbm, pgm, ppm, raf, ras, xmb, xpb, cmp, cal, cgm, dic, jtf, kdc, pct, psp, cur, wpg, ORF, DCR, RAW, CRW
This new release has been completely re-written in VS.NET 2005 and has a new improved user interface, composite image printing and dockable side panels allowing the user to increase the viweing area of the file listing and image viewing.

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