The Dude 2.0

Rated /5

Map and view your entire network
Setting up your system network can be hard enough. You organise your router, firewall, connection to the internet and the workstations you need to connect to your router.
You then sort out the required Ethernet cables, hiding them within your walls, so that your network is self-contained.
Over time you’ll probably add more workstations to your network, and multiple network engineers will make other amendments.
In the future you might find that you need to make major structural changes to your existing network. Can you remember what is connected to which router and how your workstations are all networked?
The Dude is a network monitor that will enable you to scan all the devices within a network subnet and then draw a map of the network devices and tell you where your workstations are connected and warn you of service problems.
Better still, your network doesn’t need to be internal. If your company has a network between offices, The Dude will enable you to map the entire network.
Note this is an advanced tool for network engineers.
Windows 2000/XP
Chris Wiles, Dec 2006

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