Festoon Beta 1.3.213

Rated /5

Festoon (formerly known as vSkype) adds video and sharing to both Skype and Googletalk.
With Festoon, you don’t need the same email program or phone service to send emails or call others. Festoon enables you to video and voice call any group of users!
You can also share anything you see on your screen, even your entire desktop! Festoon’s immersive EyeCandy video personalizations which include funhouse mirrors, motion colors, and crazy cutouts add fun to your video experience, much like cell phone ringtones.
Whether you use Skype or Google Talk for business or to connect with family and friends, now you can show a presentation, work on a spreadsheet, share photos, or just have fun online while seeing everyone in the call!
Requires Windows XP or 2000, Internet Explorer 5.0+, and Skype or Google Talk.

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