Version 1.4MB

Winamp Lite

Rated 5/5

Winamp Lite is popular especially among MP3 fans, with its playlist features and built-in equaliser.

The slimmed-down Lite version is now available. Almost all of the advanced features have been removed from this program, including the integration of modern skins, video support, media library, and ripping and burning capabilities. In this way, the file size was reduced to just over one megabyte.

It supports AAC-plus encoding, and can synchronise the media library with iPod, Creative, and Microsoft players.

New in Winamp 5.65:
-Wireless desktop sync with Winamp for Android
-Importing iTunes libraries
-Major podcast overhaul including new directory, powered by Mediafly
-Support of the new Windows 7 including player control on the taskbar
-Available in 16 languages, including in Turkish, Romanian and Brazilian Portuguese
-Improved playlist creation
-Winamp toolbar for playback control via the browser (optional)


Version 1.4MB

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