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DNS4Me is a Dynamic DNS service that gives you the power to turn your personal PC into a file sharing server, web server, email server without the cost and hassle of a third party hosting company ! A Free DNS4Me service is available for non-profit, personal use. However, certain features of the DNS4Me client are restricted for use with the paid service only. DNS4Me includes a built-in web server and mail server that will meet most people’s needs. These built-in servers are efficient and easy to configure. For users requiring enterprise level file sharing and content management, we recommend the following applications: • Share your files with friends and family on your own FTP server with Serv-U! • Run your own email server and have the email address YOU want with MDaemon! • Host your own web site with the Web’s most popular HTTP server, Apache! Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server

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