PocketRSS 2.1.6

Rated /5

An easy way to display RSS/OPML compliant data on your Pocket PC.
PocketRSS is a Today Screen plugin and stand-alone application which allows a quick and easy method of displaying various types of RSS/OPML compliant data on your Today Screen. It does require a connection to the Internet from the Pocket PC, but is designed to still function while offline.
It is designed to be used with any of the many hundreds of RSS/OPML webdata sources available in the public domain. This way the user will have access to RSS-formatted news, sports, weblogs, etc. Whatever RSS/OPML compliant data you can find, PocketRSS will display it for you on your Pocket PC.
Free Trial fully functional, for 15 days.
Important : Please Read Documentation changes (http://www.happyjackroad.net/pocketpc/pocketrss/documentation.asp ) before installing.
OS: Pocket PC 2002/2003 devices only

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