TinyFirewall 2005 6.5.126

Rated /5

Tiny Firewall 2005 is a security solution for the windows based host. A suite of features covers the protection from various angles – from network security, file and registry protection, application launch control and management through signature based Intrusion detection and prevention.
These security features are packed into user friendly tools. Includes a Track’n Reverse tool which will erase changes made to the computer by applications. In Track’n Reverse mode all your files and registry will be protected and any changes can be reversed.
Tiny Firewall 2005 Standard edition targets consumer and advanced consumer market and simple server applications
Note : If you were using previous versions of Tiny Firewall you must uninstall them and also delete Program Files/Tiny Firewall or Program Files/Tiny Firewall Pro directories with old policy files. You must not use policy files from previous versions with Tiny Firewall 2005
30 day trial for Windows 2000 SP3+ Pro/Server, Windows XP, Windows 2003.

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