O&O Defrag 10 Server Edition 10.0.1634

Rated /5

O&O Defrag Server Edition the ideal, specially-created defragmentation software for servers – also contains the O&O Enterprise Management Console which provides central management of O&O Defrag.
This tool allows you to distribute and control O&O Defrag over your entire network. O&O Defrag even includes it own software distribution system (O&O ComponentInstaller), which enables you to distribute the software around the network with only a few clicks of the mouse. Even updates can be easily integrated with the intelligent version checking system. A special O&O Defrag agent is included as client software which only needs to be installed once, after which the entire communication is controlled via the console. Whenever the console recognizes a new workstation, the administrator is prompted to install the agent. No further software or configuration is required, everything is done for you.
30 day free trial for Windows Vista, XP, 2003/2000. Server Edition is designed for Server OSs.

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