Arcade Balls 1.2

Rated /5

This is a logic arcade game played on a 12 x 12 board with colorful balls. The aim of the game is to rid the board of balls. A combination of five or more balls of the same color will disappear. With each failure (if no same-color combination is made) you get three new balls added to the board. If you manage to get rid of all the balls of one color, then that color will not appear again. To move the balls you just click the ball, then click the space where you want to move it to. The ball cannot be moved if another ball is in the way.
There are four game modes: Arcade Lines (similar to Classic Lines), Timed Lines (practice your quick reaction), Arcade Balls (very interesting and original interpretation of the old game) and Timed Balls. The game includes four skill levels, different skins and various other options.

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