Artiphp 1.0.4

Rated /5

ArtiVelocity is a Free Open Source Content Management System (GPL Licence) that enables you to create and manage your own web site.
The emphasis of Artivelocity is on versatility, simple management and, above all, personalisation.
Features :
>includes skins for novices and the ability to create as many skins as you like,
>a dictionary system for translating your portal into other languages, creating skins in different languages etc.
>5 user levels : (1) Administrator (manages the whole site – creation, modification, deletion, validation etc.), (2) Qualified Author (creates and modifies his files and his news), (3) Author (proposes creations and modifications of files and news to the administrator) (4) registered member (proposes news), (5) Visitor (for non registered members).

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