Merops 4.08

Rated /5

Mérops is a fully-featured stocks and share management software designed to make it simple to keep track of your investments.
Share prices are updated automatically and you can consult the real-time value your portfolio at any given moment.
Free features include :
– history of your purchases and sales,
– Money management, calculation of fees and expeneses,stock dividends,
– portfolio management : sort and manage by stock, market, sector, gains, losses etc., 50 columns,
– Forums included in the software.
Mérops Flux (3€ per month) has additional features allowing the management of several portfolios, the support of multiple currencies (Euro, Dollar, Suiss Francs, Pounds..), file importation (AbcBourse, Boursorama …), and sending alerts by email or playing sound alerts/visual alerts, etc.

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