MacNames 1.1

Rated /5

MacNames is a software solution for automatically renaming Macintosh files stored on a Windows Server, removing illegal characters and adding the three-character extension to filenames.
It lets you quickly prepare files created on a Mac and stored on a WinNT , Windows 2000 or Windows XP Server volume for use on a Windows computer as well as shortening long Windows file names for use on a Mac. MacNames can truncate windows filenames longer than 31 characters. Can convert Mac files to PC via a periodic scan of specified folders in interactive Windows application use or Windows service mode use to ensure compatibility of file names and cross-platform integration.
MacNames makes it easier to use Mac files on PC. The conversion mode takes the illegal characters and turns them into a “-“, underscores or any valid Windows character you choose. Windows will identify the appropriate applications associated with renamed files and detects file types. The conversion table can be extended with your custom translations.
MacNames helps you in Windows-Macintosh cross-platform integration tasks in particular migrating documents from Macintosh to Windows NT, renaming the files to remove trailing periods and forward slashes.

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