Pense-Bête 7.8a

Rated /5

Pense-Bête is one of the most friendly and full-featured diaries ever !
Powerful and very easy to use, Pense-Bête is easy to access (icon in the task bar) so you can note your information down rapidly. Task reminders are noted on Post-it notes which open at regular intervals. Alarms can be set to sound for meetings, birthdays to remember (with alert 3 days prior to the event) and special events (with alert at a specified number of days prior to the event). There is an encrypted note book, an address/phone book (which can be exploited using Word) with filters, sorting and search functions. The program supports national holidays up until the year 2999 and will automatically check your emails (includes filters). Telephone numbers can be automatically dialed. All information entered is automatically saved.

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