IncrediMail Xe 5.70

Rated /5

IncrediMail is a free, fun and cool e-mail program that lets you add 1000s of e-mail backgrounds, Emoticons, Ecards, Sounds, Animations, and 3D effects to your e-mails.

  • *Send beautiful email backgrounds.
  • *Add 1000s of fun emoticons to your emails.
  • *Enjoy tons of fun animated characters (Notifiers) – they will appear on your screen to tell you that new mail arrived.
  • *See your messages change into exciting 3D objects like a sailing boat or flying helicopter when sending, receiving and even deleting your email.
  • *Add funny animations to your emails.
  • *Add cool sounds to your email messages.

Windows XP.
MS Internet Explorer 6 or higher.

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