TOKI Shot for Windows 1.2

Rated /5

TOKI Shot is a tool for creating shot lists, it can be used for breaking down movies, TV films, documentaries, TV series…
It is a tool for picture and sound editors, music editors, musicians and archivists.
It allows the user to:

  • create an automatic shot list starting from a cut film, each shot will have a start and end time code and a shot length
  • modify the shot list to add scene names and shot descriptions
  • synchronize the movie with the sound track played in a music software, using ReWire or Midi MTC/MMC
  • export the shot list to music software (E.g. Protools, Cubase, Logic Pro…) using MIDI or sampled sound files
  • export the shot list to picture editing software (E.g. Final Cut Pro, Avid…) using EDL files
  • export the shot list to databases or word processors using formatted text files

Making a shot list is usually a long and tedious process, but it is an essential prerequisite for cutting sound tracks of movies.
By creating a shot list automatically, this long and tedious process becomes a quick and easy task. TOKI Shot allows sound editors and musicians to save hours of tedious work, which can then be spent on creative work.

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