PhotoPerfect DigiCam 1.0

Rated /5

An image editing software adapted to digital cameras. PhotoPerfect DigiCam is all you need to obtain superbly corrected images, with perfectly adapted contrast, saturation, color balance and sharpness. No need either for advanced knowledge in digital imaging to obtain photos with dimensions fitting exactly the output requirements.
You choose the output (web page, email, home printing or online processing lab), the desired size, and PhotoPerfect DigiCam AI takes care of the rest: image analysis by Artificial Intelligence, ReCo Technology correction, histogram optimization and reconstruction, crop and adjustment to the final dimensions, sharpness and last, adaptive JPEG compression; the files are saved at the desired location with the desired filenames.
Everything is done automatically, in batch mode, on all your images without ever altering the original image. If you prefer, you can choose to work in sequential mode (one image at a time).
Includes over 50 special effects.

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