HappyIcon 3.02.1 Build 1

Rated /5

HappyIcon: Windows Icon creation from multimedia files (photos, images, videos, 3D).

HappyIcon is an icon, cursor, animated cursor and XP profile icon creation tool using photos, animations, pictures or scannered documents. HappyIcon creates icons or cursors including several formats (from 16×16 to XXxXX) with colors or not (from 2 to 16 millions). You will be able to transform your favorite photos or videos and display them on your Windows desktop as small or large icons or even as mouse cursors or XP profiles. HappyIcon may be used for creating bookmark and favorites icons for your Web site pages.
The background of the icons/cursors can be transparent, with the colour you want. In the visualisation window you will be able to colorize, modify, apply filters (blur, contrast…) and special effects (swirl, implode, wave…)

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