Star Wraith 2 1.1

Rated /5

Space Combat simulation.
This is a 3D space combat simulation game in which you incarnate either an Alliance combat fighter pilot, or a mercenary. As a mercenary, you form a group of pilots and manage a squadron, using your combat funds to pay the pilots and purchase new fighters. As an Alliance pilot, you can choose from a variety of missles and cannons. Each pilot has his own craft, weapons and shields. The environment is filled with planets, moons, stars, nebulas and asteroids. Planets are not just there for decoration and must be approached with caution (could catch fire).
The game allows you to import your own customized craft created with 3DS and you can also create your own game levels. Supports joystick play, you can view the screen from multiple angles and keep automatic track of the position of the enemy before firing and event adjust the direction of a fired missile.
Win 95/98/ME

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