RIMS Admin 3.3

Rated /5

RIMS (Remote Information Management Services) Admin is a remote administration and setup software package for your Macintosh computer. It allows you to search for files remotely, copy files and folders from one Macintosh to another, Launch Applications, Remove and Rebuild your Desktop file, change your extensions, preferences, Startup, Shut down folders, Restart your Computer, Shutdown your computer, preset Sleep and Wake up times and much, much more. If you are looking for a software package that allows you to control and setup Macintosh computers while sitting at YOUR computer, RIMS is it! RIMS does all of these things without disturbing the User. Once your fixes are made, just ask the User to Restart their computer or inform the User that YOU will be Restarting their computer via a ” Message from Administrator Dialogue box” and all fixes are placed in effect, its that simple.

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