SkyFighters 1945 1.0

Rated /5

A 3D World War II flight simulation game with an internet play option.
Try your hand at flying and Dogfighting in this second world war era flight simulator. You get to control of one of 8 powerful Aircraft. Choose to fly a P51D, F4U, Spitfire, Yak, Me109, FW190, Macchi Castoldi or a Zero.Take of and land in 5 different worlds: Island world, England/France, Sicily/Malta, New Georgias (South Pacific), and Dogfight Island. There are ground/air targets, missions and carrier landings . The enemy planes are controlled by the computer AI, there is a great replay feature and in network mode up to 8 human players can play at once (depending on internet connections). Also available for Mac.
Win 98/ME

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