GedLink 0.3.3

Rated /5

Share and exchange genealogical information and branches of family trees on the internet.
Gedlink applies the very popular principal of file exchange to genealogy. Users must posess a GEDCOM-compatible genealogical software in order to generate Gedcom files (most commun genealogy programs produce such files) and simply connect to a central server, sign up (there is an annual fee) and sign in with user ID. The user’s genealogical information is transferred from his/her PC to the central server. This central server is a huge data base containing all the Gedcom files of all registered users (and only registered users).
Data is displayed graphically. For example, the software will display a world map with dots to show other users who are working on a particular family name. These dots can be clicked on in order to access the shared information. Instant messages can be sent between users, and there is a visual alarm when someone wishes to access to your information.
Win 95/98/NT/2000/ME

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