Windows Live Toolbar 3.0

Rated /5

Windows Live Toolbar is a toolbar designed as part of Microsofts Windows Live range of services. It is the successor to MSN Search Toolbar.
It includes Windows Desktop Search which runs in the background and indexes all files and emails. It provides a simple search interface that resides in the taskbar that starts to list its results as the user types in a search query, making it easy to search across emails, pictures, text files, and documents with a single search criterion.
Windows Live Toolbar also provides a form filler and interface to Windows Live and MSN services. Rival search toolbars include the Google Toolbar and the Yahoo! Toolbar.
Windows Live Toolbar helps you:

  • Start a search from any Web page.
  • See instant previews of maps and more from any Web page.
  • Personalize your Web experience with custom buttons.

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