fanny 2.5

Rated /5

A software for managing and organizing french petanque competitions.
This program was written in “Saint-Bonnet le Château” in the French department of the Loire, (the capital of the game of Pétanque). It is simple to use.
The first stage : create your competition and print out sticky lables with numbers.
The second stage : sign up the teams and give each team a number on a sticky label.
The third stage : Do the draw
The fourth stage : Print out the scores at the end of the round
The fifth stage : List the winners and the losers
The sixth stage : Draw and play again
The seventh stage : Display the results and/or print them out.
In this type of competition all teams play at least two rounds. The first round sorts out the winners from the losers and the losers then get to play against other losers and the winners against other winners. You therefore end up with a “Winner’s Final” and a “Loser’s final”.
The program will manage up to 500 teams (doubles, one to one, triples), display the results sorted into categories (first round winners or losers) and listed according to the score obtained. Competitions can also be organized using the direct elimination method – in this case the losers don’t get to play again.
The most recent version of the program makes it possible to print out a special sticker for the t-shirt of each team captain.
Competitions are saved as individual .FAN files.

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