FootFrL1_0405 Version 1

Rated /5

An Excel application for tracking the french 2004/2005 league 1 football championship. Features include :
– Team logos and direct access to internet sites,
– Full calendar with highlighting of the current day’s play,
– Detail of matches where the current day’s matches are selected automatically in order to update the results. Match scores are displayed so that the results can be easily compared.
– Automatic updating of rankings and statistics for all home and away matches : goals scored, matches won, drawn or lost.. The number of matches remaining to be played is also shown.
– Details and summary of the number of goals and wins per day,
– A “Favorites” sheet displaying the details, results, statistics and rankings (home and away) of all matches of a selected team.
– Sheet for listing the best goal scorers,
Note : with Excel97 some automatic display functions do not work with the application’s buttons so you should use the two horizontal or vertical bars instead.

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