Khi3 1.0.2

Rated /5

A super calculator which is so much MORE than just a Euro convertor !
Khi3 is packed with features and functions as well as fun and educational games.
Khi3s numerous features include : Basic maths, financial calcutions (loan calculations), calculations of dates, curves y=f(x), series, unit conversions, calendar conversions (Gregorian, Julien, republican), interactive triangular geometry, calculation of Pi (10.000 decimals, Fourier series, Taylor series, Gamma, Bessel, Bernoulli, Fisher functions, prime numbers, fractions, equation solving, quadrics, currency exchange rates (Web updates), display in numbers, letters, roman numerals, periodic table of the elements, ASCII/Unicode corresponence, highly complex DivxBitrate Calculator (frames, audio, tracks, support, etc).
Astronomy : Geocentric and heliocentric planetary co-ordinates. 3D simulation of the Solar system, Calculation of the positions of Mars, Jupiter and Saturne satellites.
Games and quizzes include : Gravity games, solitaire, Game of Life, Invaders, Tetris, Biorythms, Billiards (French, Indian), Hex, Lunar Landing, French Geography… + more

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