VB Net Maker 1

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A Generator for browsing a Data Base and building VB Net Modules.
VB Net Maker builds one file to acces your Data. It builds a class for each table, including methods to search, insert, delete, update, a function List to obtain an Array, Order and Where clause.
VB Net Maker creates set of VB.Net files to access a Data Base (Oracle, Access, SQL Server, other sources) from ASPX pages. It generates 3 files :
1/Data Class File: a class for each table of the Data Base, with sub class or an arraylist of sub classes for each foreign key, according to the direction of this key.
2/Data Access File: all functions to access a Database. For each table, a Get Function returns a datareader, and update, insert, delete subs.
3/Data Manager Module: Main module to access the Data Base from your Aspx.
VB net Maker has an easy to use interface and generates 100% pure VB.Net code. It can help improve your web development, allows you to create robust, easy to modify code and to generate your ASPX pages in just minutes.

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