Timmonier 3.0

Rated /5

Timmonier is a software for managing property rentals. It is free for personal and non-commercial use only.
Timmonier allows you to :
– Manage your properties (name, address, information about purchase, sale, management etc…),
– Manage a list with profiles of third parties (tenants, companies, notary, banks ,…)
– Manage the rentals (tenants, fee, rental dates, …)
– Remember important due dates (for payments etc.) thanks to the “reminder”
– Enter in paid rents and other income (date, amount, payment reference, …),
– Keep track of maintenance and repairs on your properties, keep track of the payment of invoices, taxes etc…
– Save time with a typing assistance feature for the most frequent entries,
– Manage contacts with third parties (sent/received letters, faxes, visits, telephone contacts,..).
– Print revenues and expenses (by property, by third party, etc…).
Print out customizable rental slips.
– Print out a list of your properties.
– Print out various forms.
– Manage the annual updating of rents (with letter about rent increase).

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