Imprim’Enveloppes 1.0.3

Rated /5

Imprim’ Enveloppes is a french software for printing envelopes. Using your computer and of your printer, you can create and print all kinds of envelopes in record time thanks to the convivial and intuitive interface.
When the program starts up you can enter in a list of recipients or alternatively import them from an Excel file. Imprim’ Enveloppes can be used by multiple family members and allows you to create several different sender profiles. When using the program, you can easily add, modify or remove recipients and senders. Once you have determined the sender, recipient and type of envelope, it is possible to print your envelope in 5 easy clicks.
Printing can be done on envelopes of various sizes and special formats can be defined. Addresses can be arranged on the envelope using “click and slide”.
There are 2 preset envelope types which are specially designed for the printing on the french post office envelopes “with boxes”.

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