3D Yahtzee Unlimited 1

Rated /5

Invoke Lady Luck and roll the dice in this exciting 3D Yahtzee game, a new version of the classical game, probably originating from China. The object of the game is to score points by rolling certain combinations of numbers with five dice. You can roll the five dice up to three times, selecting, each time, the dice to keep in order to make straights, full houses, five of a kind etc… . You control the throw of the dice and, one thrown, you get to see them in the air and hear them as they roll on the tray. Sheer luck is not enough to win. You have to think fast and stratigically in order to obtain the best possible score in the 5 columns and13 categories of your score card. Play alone, against the computer or against another player. Playroom music and realistic sound effects make this game really enjoyable to play, for hours and hours. Don’t let the bad weather ruin your good mood. Roll the dice and play Yahtzee!

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