Easy MEMO Pro 5.10

Rated /5

What is Easy Memory Pro: it’s not only a memory game, it’s THE memory game. Of course, like most memory games, the aim is to find pairs or groups of identical cards.
– However, you can also pair together different cards, such as a picture of an object and its name, a word and its pronunciation in a different language,etc… Groups of up to 5 cards can be made. Why not match together a picture of an animal with its name and with the sound it makes ….
– You can play against your friends, the computer opponent or even young children.
-It is free to play on line and you may even obtain a place in the “Hall of Fame”.
– You can download additional sets of images (over 60 available to date)
– Make the game as difficult or as easy as you like by finding groups of 3, 4 or 5 cards instead of just pairs.
-Play games with picture cards and/or sound cards.
– Play several game variations (using the scenatio feature) with the same set of cards.
– A text explainig each card can be viewed during the game
– Create your own sets of cards.
– Cards with animals, Digimon cards, Pokemon cards or Disney cards are included, making this game suitable for even the youngest children.

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