Crypt2002 1.1

Rated /5

The best way to hide secret data !
Crypt2002 provides top level data protection and is perfect for protecting your secrets of fabrication, financial information, private information etc.. The program uses a unique encrypting system which makes document encryption absolutely unbreakable.
Any kind of file (photo, text etc..) can be used as the main key for encryption/decryption. This “key” file can be located on the computer, on any kind of mobile support (memory card, CD, floppy disk, micro USB, hard disk) or on a network. In order to use the main “key” file, it is encrypted using a second key, entered by the user (with no size limit). This key code must be remembered by the user.
After encrypting in memory, the document is then scrambled. The scrambling system allows the creation of communication channels on a network on which the transmitted files can be decrypted only by computers connected on the same channel. You can choose to delete, or not, the original file after encrypting or decrypting. And for increased security, the residual data remaining on the disk after file deletion will be erased.
No element used for encrypting or scrambling is present in the file. The program uses an exclusive system in order to test, in memory, the validity of the encrypted document. The original file name is restored even if the encrypted file has been renamed.

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