Rated /5

Starsky and Hutch watch out !
Experience 1970s style car chases ! In Driver, you play an ace driver who has been hired as an undercover cop by the american police in order to infiltrate the mafia. With its solid scenario, this game really is a hit which you must try.
Driver puts players right in the middle of the action and behind the wheel of the most wanted getaway car. This game delivers the clutch-your-seat, adrenaline-charged action of a heart-stopping, Hollywood-style car chase. It propels players along a high-speed thrill ride through the wild streets of four major U.S. cities. Driver‘s true-to-life modeling of automobile physics, ultra-realistic environments, and replay mode allow users to experience an extremely interactive driving experience.
Trial is limited  to 5 uses 15 minutes gameplay per use.

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