Rayman 3 Demo

Rated /5

Rayman is back ! Oowch!!
One day Andre, a red Lums with an attitude, transformed himself into a small, nasty, hairball with only one thing on his mind: World domination! To achieve his goal, Andre transformed all the other red and black Lums into hairballs as well.
They swarmed together to steal the hair off other animals, sew them into uniforms, and create the Hoodlum Army: a force ready to spread idiocy and stupidity throughout the Crossing. No one could stop them, so guess who had to interrupt his nap to go sort the situation out? (Hint: he’s got a big nose).
This time Rayman doesn’t just have to save the world, but also save his friend Globox, who inadvertently swallowed Andre, the head of the notorious Black Lums.
Hoodlum Havoc, the new adventures of Rayman 3, has over 30 levels. For the first time, and exclusively here, you can purchase the first 6 levels of this new game at the same time as its public release. It’s not the full game.

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