Brickles Deluxe 1.3.2

Rated /5

Brickles is an addicting, fully-configurable, exciting, non-violent, ball and paddle, breakout game, fun for the whole family.
This is a very versatile game which can be configured differently according to the strengths and ages of the players. In addition to choosing colours and decorations, the user can adjust the size and speed of the ball, the size of the paddle and even the size and shape of the game window. The player can play with 1, 2, 3 or even 4 paddles at once – In a game with two paddles, the mouse controls both a top and a bottom paddle. In a game with four paddles, there’s a top, a bottom, a left and a right paddle and NO walls. If the ball doesn’t hit a paddle, the ball is lost.
Some minor bug fixes have been made in this version.

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